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Número Especial 1, Rehabilitación Neuropsicológica en Chile > Febrero, 2014

Thinking about Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: An Interview with Barbara Wilson

Christian E. Salas and Barbara A. Wilson
Barbara Wilson, Brain injury, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, Holistic Rehabilitation, Single case studies.


Barbara Wilson is a psychologist and researcher in neuropsychological rehabilitation from U.K. She is the founder of the Oliver Zangwill Centre, a place that has strongly contributed to the development of theoretical and technical approaches to rehabilitate cognitive and socio-emotional problems after brain injury. In this interview Barbara Wilson offers her personal perspective on the state of the art in neuropsychological rehabilitation, commenting on key topics such as the principles that guide holistic rehabilitation, the relevance of incorporating emotional problems after brain injury and the need to adopt research methodologies that are congruent with our object of study.